1 Rep Max Calculation Chart

How to use this Calculator:

   Use a weight you feel confident you can perform several repetitions with for example Bench Press:100 lbs, do as many reps as you can without straining. Say you can do 12 reps with that 100 lbs, enter 100 in multiple rep poundage then enter 12 in # Reps with this weight Then click on Submit Calculation. Your 1Rep Max should be 139, That would be your 1 Rep Max for the Bench Press then use a calculator for the % to use for each set. You will find that this is so accurate that if the set calls for 10 reps you will not be able to do the 11th rep. As your strength increases and you can do more then 3 extra reps then is called for its time to recalculate your 1Rep Max. The best thing to do is to recalculate about every 4 to 6 weeks. You will be amazed on how much your strength increases over a few short Months.  

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